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From inception our focus has always been toward growth and expansion in so doing we plan to expand from extrusion and printing into lamination and related products. 

Shakti Industries Limited is one of the leading manufacturers in the field of flexible polyethylene film packaging. We specialise in the production of plain and printed shrink wrap film, agricultural film, lamination film, stretch wrap film and liquid/ water packaging film, BOPP wrappers for cakes & Gala, bread bags, printed carrier bags and confectioneries packaging films.
furthermore we produce outer wrapper nylon, industrial liner bags, PET preforms for liquid fluid/ water ranging from 17 – 24gm both plain & in colour and pharmaceutical packaging.

In order to meet international quality standards, we follow stringent quality norms at each stage of the production process. We aim for total customer satisfaction through quality production. Each product is tested during appropriate development stages to ensure unmatched functionality and durability. Our team of quality controllers conducts various tests using our exceptional lab testing facilities. The testing is continued from the procurement of raw materials through to finished goods, resulting in reliable quality products.

Shakti Shrink Wrap
Shakti Plastic Polyethylene metallocene blow film machine


Shrink Wrap

This wrap is widely used in packaging industry. We supply it to companies who shrink wrap bottles, cartons, boxes, pallets and also heavy machinery parts.


Stretch Film

Stretch Film is a highly stretchable plastic film which is also used extensively in wrapping and protecting the products. It provides stability to the package, more efficient handling and storage of unit loads, protection from dust and moisture to some extent and resistance to package pilferage, generally provided in transparent variety.


BOPP Printed Film

Commonly known as Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene Films, these are extensively used in packaging, labelling and lamination. We use the food grade films to cater to the various bakeries in Nigeria especially for wrappers for breads, buns and cakes.


Lamination Film

Laminating films are generally done to protect the printed stuff on the films. We at Shakti do the lamination after the printing so as to provide longevity of the films for flexible packaging for food packaging applications. We generally produce these films expressly catering to our customers specifications.



Shakti produces a variety of labels which are used on plastic water bottles, known as PET preform in the beverage industry.


Water Pouches

Water pouches contribute to providing water to a large population in Nigeria owing to the ease of availability and low prices.

Shakti Shrink Wrap
Shakti Stretch Film
Shakti BOPP Printed Film
Shakti Lamination Film
Shakti Layers

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